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The Embraer ERJ 145 family is a series of regional jets produced by Embraer

ERJ 145

The Embraer ERJ 145 family is a series of regional jets produced by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace company. Family members include the ERJ 135 (37 passengers), ERJ 140 (44 passengers), and ERJ 145 (50 passengers), as well as the Legacy business jet and the R-99 family of military aircraft. The ERJ 145 is the largest of the group. Each jet in the series is powered by two turbofan engines. The family's primary competition comes from the Bombardier CRJ regional jets.
Despite a chequered early development history, the 50 seat ERJ-145 has become a runaway sales success.
Embraer began working on 50 seat regional jet concepts in the late 1980s. The original EMB-145 (the marketing designation later became ERJ-145) was launched in mid 1989 and would have been a stretched and jet engined EMB-120 Brasilia. Features of this design included a straight wing with winglets and the two turbofans mounted forward of the wing as on most low wing turboprops. This design would have seated 45 to 50 passengers and featured 75% commonality with the Brasilia. In that configuration cruising speed would have been 740km/h (400kt) and range with a 4500kg (9920lb) payload 2500km (1350nm).
But by 1990 Embraer was studying a modified design with less commonality to the Brasilia as wind tunnel testing revealed that the original configuration would not reach its design performance objectives. Changes to this interim design included a mildly swept wing with winglets (wing sweep of 22.3°) and conventional below wing mounted engines. Wind tunnel testing proved that this configuration met design objectives however it had a major drawback in that it would have needed an unusually high undercarriage.
Thus in late 1991 Embraer froze the ERJ-145 design with rear fuselage mounted engines and T-tail, and no winglets. Other features include Rolls-Royce (Allison) AE-3007A turbofans and a Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite with five colour CRT screens in the flightdeck. The Brasilia's three abreast fuselage cross section was retained.
The ERJ-145's first flight took place on August 11 1995 with first deliveries from December 1996 to Continental Express. Continental's initial order for 25 was a major fillup for the program and opened the floodgates for a number of major sales.

Embraer has developed several versions of the ERJ-145, the initial ERJ-145ER, the higher max takeoff weight longer range ERJ-145LR introduced in 1998 and most recently the ERJ-145XR (Extra Long Range). The 145XR first flew on June 29 2001 and entered service in October 2002. It features uprated yet more fuel efficient 36kN (8110lb) engines, winglets, 24,100kg (53,131lb) max takeoff weight, a max cruising speed of Mach 0.8 (852km/h/460kt) and increased fuel capacity for a 3705km (2000nm) range. The ERJ-145EP and -EU are -ERs with different max takeoff weights, and the ERJ-145LU and -MP are -LRs with different max takeoff weights.
Other EMB-145 developments are the AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control) EMB-145SA with an Erieye radar on top of the fuselage (serving with the Brazilian Air Force as R-99A), the EMB-145AEW which is the export variant of the EMB-145SA (for Greece and Mexico), the EMB-145RS, a remote sensing variant (serving with the Brazilian Air Force as the R-99B and with the Mexican Air Force) and the maritime patrol and ASW EMB-145MP/ASW which will serve with the Brazilian Air Force as P-99. The standard EMB-145ER serves as the C-99A in the Brazilian Air Force.
Since mid 2004, the ERJ-145 is also assembled in China by Harbin Embraer.
The shorter fuselage ERJ-135 and ERJ-140 and the corporate transport EMB-135BJ Legacy are described separately.

50 seat regional jet airliner.
Country of origin:

ERJ-145ER - Two 31.3kN (7040lb) Rolls-Royce AE-3007A turbofans.
ERJ-145LR - Two 33.0kN (7426lb) AE-3007A1s.

High speed cruising speed 833km/h (450kt). Service ceiling 37,000ft.
ERJ-145ER - Range with 50 passengers at long range cruising speed 2445km (1320nm).
ERJ-145LR - Range with 50 passengers at long range cruising speed 2870km (1550nm).

ERJ-145ER - Operating empty 11,667kg (25,722lb), max takeoff 20,600kg (45,415lb).
ERJ-145LR - Operating empty 12,007kg (26,470lb), max takeoff 22,000kg (48,500lb).

Wing span 20.04m (65ft 9in), length 29.87m (98ft 0in), height 6.75m (22ft 2in). Wing area 51.2m2 (550.9sq ft).

Flightcrew of two. Standard passenger accommodation for 50 at three abreast and 79cm (31in) pitch. Alternative seating for 48 or 49 with wardrobe fitted.

By early 2005 648 EMB-145s had been delivered and 67 more were on order.

ERJ 145 Specifications:
Variant                 ERJ145 LR                  ERJ145 XR
Crew                      3 (2 pilots + flight attendant)
Seating capacity                  50
Length                              29.87 m (98 ft 0 in)
Wing span                           20.04 m (65 ft 9 in)
Height                              6.76 m (22 ft 2 in)
Engines (2x)              Rolls-Royce AE 3007-A1 (7800 lb thrust)                                     or Rolls-Royce AE 3007-A1P (8300 lb thrust)
Max Zero Fuel         17,900 kg (39,462 lb)        18,500 kg (40,785 lb)
Weight (MZFW)
Max payload weight    5,786 kg (12,755 lb)         5,909 kg (13,027 lb)
Max Take Off Weight   22,000 kg (48,501 lb)        24,100 kg (53,131 lb)
Maximum range         2,873 km (1,550 nmi)         3,706 km (2,000 nmi)
Basic cruising        Mach .78, 447 kts,           Mach .80, 470 kts, 530
speed                  515 mph, 828 km/h              mph, 851 km/h
Service ceiling                       11,278 m (37,000 ft)

ERJ 145 Seating:
                    Pitch  Width              Seating details
Economy Plus       34.0           17.3          6 seats with 3.0 recline

Economy Class      31.0           17.3          44 seats with 3.0 recline

ERJ 145 Aircraft:

ERJ 145STD - The baseline original, seating for a total of 50 passengers.
ERJ 145EU - Model for European market. Same fuel capacity as 145STD (4174 kg) but an increased MTOW 19990 kg
ERJ 145ER - Extended Range, although this is the Baseline 145 model.
ERJ 145EP - Same fuel capacity as 145ER (4174 kg) but an increased MTOW 20990 kg.
ERJ 145LR - Long Range - increased fuel capacity (5187 kg) and upgraded engines.
ERJ 145LU - Same fuel capacity as 145LR (5187 kg) but an increased MTOW 21990 kg.
ERJ 145MK - Same fuel capacity (4174 kg), landing weight (MLW) and MTOW as in the 145STD, but a changed MZFW (17700 kg).
ERJ 145XR - Extra-long Range (numerous aerodynamic improvements, including winglets, strakes, etc for lower cruise-configuration drag, a ventral fuel tank (aft location) in addition to the two main larger capacity wing tanks (same tanks as in the LR models), increased weight capacity, higher top speed and more powerful engines.

The physical engines are the same (Rolls Royce Allison AE3007), however, the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine/Electronic Control) logic is what differs between the various models in regards to total thrust capability.
The extended range version, the ERJ 145ER, has Rolls Royce AE 3007A engines rated at 31.3 kN(7036 lb) thrust, with the option of more powerful AE 3007A1 engines. A, A1, A1P models are mechanically identical but differ in thrust due to variations in FADEC software. The A1E engine, however, has not only new software, but significantly upgraded mechanical components.
The long-range ERJ 145LR aircraft is equipped with Rolls Royce AE 3007A1 engines which provide 15% more power. The engines are flat rated at 33.1 kN (7440 lb) thrust to provide improved climb characteristics and improved cruise performance in high ambient temperatures.
The extra-long-range ERJ 145XR aircraft is equipped with Rolls-Royce AE 3007A1E engines. The high performance engines provide lower specific fuel consumption (SFC) and improved performance in hot and high conditions. The engines also yield a higher altitude for one-engine-inoperable conditions." ExpressJet is the sole operator of the ERJ 145XR. February 2011 Embraer presented its new EMB-145 AEW&C for India.
C-99A - Transport model
EMB 145SA (R-99A) - Airborne Early Warning model
EMB 145RS (R-99B) - Remote sensing model
EMB 145MP/ASW (P-99) - Maritime patrol model

ERJ 145 Accidents:
The ERJ 145 family of aircraft has no reported crashes or fatalities due to mechanical malfunction in over 15 million hours (as of June 2009) of flight time for the fleet.
1.On February 11, 1998 a Continental Express, now United Express, ERJ 145ER tail number N14931 crashed in Beaumont, Texas on takeoff during a training flight. NTSB reports that after the incorrect application of rudder during a V1 cut maneuver, the left wing stalled. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.
2.On December 28, 1998, a Rio-Sul pilot descended beyond the normal rates and landed at a speed significantly higher than the normal landing speed. The aircraft tail section cracked and was dragged along the runway. The airplane involved was PT-SPE, an ERJ 145ER and this happened at Afonso Pena Airport, in Curitiba, Brazil. The airplane was damaged beyond economical repair.
3.On September 29, 2006, an ExcelAire Embraer Legacy EMB 135BJ, Civil Registration N600XL, collided with Gol Transportes Aéreos Flight 1907, a Boeing 737-800, while flying over the northern state of Mato Grosso en route to Manaus from São José dos Campos. The Legacy made an emergency landing at a military airstrip at Cachimbo, Pará, Brazil, with minor damages and with its 5 passengers and 2 crew members uninjured. The Gol 737 crashed in the Amazon forest east of Peixoto de Azevedo, killing all 148 passengers and 6 crew members.
4.On 7 December 2009, an Embraer ERJ 135 operated by South African Airlink (registration:ZS-SJW) on a scheduled flight SA-8625 from Cape Town, overshot the runway when trying to land in wet weather at George Airport; no fatalities were reported. It was determined that the aircraft touched down in the area of the fourth landing marker. According to the air traffic controller (ATC) on duty at the time, the landing appeared normal, however the aircraft did not vacate the runway but instead veered to the right and went past the ILS localizer. The aircraft collided with eleven approach lights before it burst through the aerodrome perimeter fence coming to rest in a nose-down attitude on a public road. The preliminary investigation showed the tyres did display some evidence of aquaplaning. The plane was damaged beyond economical repair.
5.On August 25, 2010, an ERJ 145 operated by Passaredo, crashed on approach to Vitória da Conquista. The plane landed short of the runway and the crew lost control, resulting in the aircraft sustaining severe damage before coming to a stop away from the runway. Two of the 27 people on board were injured. The airline said the plane was unable to lower landing gear, although observers said the landing gear was lowered while the aircraft was landing.
6.On September 4, 2011, a United Express Embraer 145 slid off the runway upon landing at Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International in Ottawa, Canada. All 44 passengers aboard were uninjured. The plane sustained substantial damage to its gear and wing on the righthand side. The plane was damaged beyond economic repair.

ERJ 145 For Sale:
Year  Make/Model  Price/Offer    Location   Days Listed
1998 Embraer ERJ-145    Sale    California, 213                                                  USA
1998 Embraer ERJ-145    Sale    Florida, USA         3
1999 Embraer ERJ-145    Sale    Florida, USA        300
1999 Embraer ERJ-145     Sale      Portugal 129
2002 Embraer ERJ-145    Sale         x 147
1997 Embraer ERJ-145E    Sale         x 33
1997 Embraer ERJ-145EP   Sale         x 33
1997 Embraer ERJ-145EP   Sale         x 33
1999 Embraer ERJ-145EP   Wet Lease
1999 Embraer ERJ-145EP   Wet Lease         x 264
2000 Embraer ERJ-145EP   Sale      Malaysia         49

2001 Embraer ERJ-145EP   Sale         x 104
2000 Embraer ERJ-145LR   Sale United Kingdom           325
2000 Embraer ERJ-145LR   Sale          x 327
2001 Embraer ERJ-145LR   Sale          x 138
2000 Embraer ERJ-145MP   Sale      Austria 115
2000 Embraer ERJ-145MP   Sale        x 104
2000    Embraer ERJ-145MP   Sale        x 206                              


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