Thursday, 20 September 2012

Zenith Zodiac 601 HD,

Popular since 1984, the ZODIAC CH 601 HD is the updated model of the original ZODIAC CH 600, which was designed by Chris Heintz as a low-cost primary trainer aircraft. New improvements to this model include a wider 44-inch cabin and a larger rear baggage compartment. Standard equipment in the kit includes wing baggage lockers, hydraulic disk brakes, electric trim tab, tinted canopy, and much more. Designed to meet the requirements of the demanding sport pilot, the aircraft offers great performance and capabilities, and is easy-to-fly with pilot-friendly characteristics, including a low landing (stall) speed. The aircraft has excellent cross-country flying capability as well as short-field performance of well under a thousand feet

@ 800 LB. SINGLE
@ 362 kg. DUAL
@ 1,050 LB. DUAL
@ 476 kg.
TOP SPEED 135 mph 217 km/h 135 mph 217 km/h
CRUISE 120 mph 193 km/h 120 mph 193 km/h
VNE 150 mph 240 km/h 150 mph 240 km/h
STALL SPEED 40 mph 64 km/h 44 mph 70 km/h
RATE OF CLIMB 1,400 fpm 7.1 m/s 1,200 fpm 6 m/s
TAKE-OFF ROLL 360 ft 110 m 430 ft 131 m.
LANDING DISTANCE 450 ft 137 m 550 ft 168 m
SERVICE CEILING 12,000+ ft 3,600+ m 12,000+ ft 3,600+ m
RANGE (std.) 480 s.m. 772 km 480 s.m. 772 km
RANGE (with wing tanks) 800 s.m. 1285 km 800 s.m. 1285 km
LOAD FACTOR (ultimate) +/- 6.8 G +/- 6.8 G +/- 6.8 G +/- 6.8 G


WING SPAN 27 FT. 8.2 m.
WING AREA 130 SQ.FT. 12 m.sq.
WING CHORD 4' 1" 124.5 cm.
HORIZ. TAIL SPAN 7' 6" 228 cm.
RUDDER TIP HEIGHT (tri) 6' 10" 208 cm.
CABIN TOP HEIGHT 5' 6" 168 cm.
LENGTH 19 FT. 580 cm.
EMPTY WEIGHT* 590 LB. 267 kg.
USEFUL LOAD 610 LB. 277 kg.
GROSS WEIGHT 1,200 LB. 544 kg.
WING LOADING 9.2 psf 45 kg/m.sq.
DESIGN LOAD FACTOR +/- 6 "G" +/- 6 "G"
FUEL CAPACITY (std) 16 Gallons (US) 60.5 l.
- with Optional Wing Tanks 30 Gallons (US) 113 l.
NOTE: Specification and performance figures are based on standard factory prototype test results, with standard Rotax 912 powerplant. Standard atmosphere, sea level, no wind. All technical data, specification and performance figures subject to change without notice.  Source: Zenair Ltd. (1992). 

"I think the ZODIAC just might be the perfect first project for the erstwhile homebuilder and is even docile enough to learn to fly in. It is without doubt one of the most exceptional kit values on the market with little demands placed on either the builder or the pilot while offering a very pleasant payback in performance and handling. If you’re looking for a mild mannered project that is both inexpensive and easy to build and fly; the ZODIAC is right up there at the top of our list. You couldn't pick a nicer airplane to start off with."

- US AVIATOR magazine.

ZODIAC CH 601 HD on custom amphibious floats

*Typical empty weight with the Rotax 912 engine and basic equipment. Heavier engines reduce the useful load of the aircraft.

Engine Limitations: 65 - 115 hp, up to 265 lbs. max. firewall-forward weight. Alternative engines will affect performance, specifications and flight characteristics of the aircraft. Also, the weight and balance of the aircraft may be adversely affected by alternative engines, and the original fuel system may not be adequate or suitable for some engines. Most alternative engines will require a custom engine mount and engine cowl. Zenith Aircraft Company does not manufacture or directly support engines.

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