Sunday, 24 February 2013

1.Piper PA-24 Comanche Four-seat high-performance light Aircraft:-

 The Piper PA-24 Comanche is a four-seat, low-wing, all-metal, light aircraft of monocoque construction with retractable landing gear that was first flown on 24 May 1956
 according to a Piper Aircraft Company press release. Together with the Twin Comanche, it made up the core of the Piper Aircraft line-up until 1972, when the production
 lines for both aircraft were wiped out in a flood.

PA-24-250 - Max speed 306km/h (165kt), max cruising speed 291km/h (157kt). Initial rate of climb 1350ft/min. Service ceiling 20,000ft. Max range with optional fuel 
2665km (1440nm). 
PA-24-400 - Max speed 360km/h (194kt), max cruising speed 343km/h (185kt). Initial rate of climb 1600ft/min. Service ceiling 19,500ft. Range with standard fuel 2012km
 (1086nm), with optional fuel 2478km (1338nm). 
PA-24-260 Turbo C - Max speed 390km/h (210kt), max cruising speed 318km/h (172kt). Initial rate of climb 1320ft/min. Operating ceiling 25,000ft. Max range 2052km 
(1108nm), with optional fuel 2398km (1295nm).

PA-24-250 - Empty 767kg (1690lb), max takeoff 1315kg (2900lb). 
PA-24-400 - Empty 957kg (2110lb), max takeoff 1633kg (3600lb). 
PA-24-260 Turbo C - Empty 860kg (1894lb), max takeoff 1450kg (3200lb).

PA-24-250 - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 7.59m (24ft 11in), height 2.29m (7ft 6in). Wing area 16.5m2 (178sq ft). 
PA-24-400 - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 7.84m (25ft 8in), height 2.39m (7ft 10in). Wing area 16.5m2 (178sq ft). 
PA-24-260 Turbo C - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 7.62m (25ft 0in), height 2.29m (7ft 6in). Wing area 16.5m2 (178sq ft).

Standard seating for four, Comanche B and C could have optional fifth and sixth seats.

Total PA-24 production 4856, including 1143 180s, 2537 250s, 1028 260s and 260 Ts, and 148 400s.

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